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Your Fast and Affordable Tow Truck Services in Airdrie

Finding a tow truck in Airdrie when you need reliable services can create much hassle for you. But if you know whom to call, it will save a lot of your time and energy! Constable's Towing is a fully licensed and insured towing company. We are committed to making your towing experience easy and secure.


Whether you want us to move your vehicle to a mechanic or tow your truck to your warehouse, we are here to fulfill all your towing needs. We want to provide the most expert and professional assistance possible to keep you and your vehicle safe. You can expect a quick response round the clock from our team. Here is what we offer:


A car breakdown can create a condition of a hassle for a car owner. It can happen unexpectedly, at any place and at any time. Constable's Towing is a reputed towing company with over 10 years of experience. We can tow your car for both long and short distances.


When you call us to tow your car, you can rest assured that it is in safe hands. We understand that each situation requires unique towing solutions. Our team of professionals is skilled at evaluating every situation closely, which helps us ensure that your car is handled by the right personnel using the right tow truck in Airdrie.

Winching & Recovery

Winching is a daunting task that involves a lot of risks. Thus you need licensed professionals to do the job for you. Constable's Towing has the winch-out equipment to safely pull your vehicle out of a ditch, snow, mud, or sand and get you up and running and back on the road quickly.


In more intense scenarios, a winch out is not possible. Your vehicle may get stuck off-road, or slide entirely off the road or roll over. In that case, we use special equipment for vehicle recovery to move these vehicles back to safety. You can contact us for any job, with any severity.

Light Trucks

Our fleet of tow trucks is efficient in handling light trucks promptly. We are equipped with the latest quality equipment to address the unique and more challenging situations requiring a tow. You can rely on us for a safe towing journey.


The experienced team at Constable's Towing has the required training and certifications to ensure that the right equipment and safe procedures are used for the size and class of the vehicle.

Auto Recycling/Wrecker

Disposing of your vehicle that is no more usable can potentially harm the environment. Auto recycling helps to get your older car off the road and ensures that your car is properly disposed of not to cause a threat to the environment. At Constable's Towing, we work to keep the environment safe with our vehicle recycling process.


Our team recovers all the functional components of a vehicle and recycles them appropriately. Additionally, we ensure the safe disposal of materials and fluids, which are not suitable for recycling. You can hand over your end-of-life vehicle to us, and our team will make sure to dismantle them safely.

Why Choose Constable’s Towing?

Customers are the foundation of any business, so when you call us, our job is to make sure we make your day better. Here is how:

Competitive Advantages

24-hour service
Locally owned and operated
Competitive pricing – No hidden or surprise fees
Fully insured and licensed
Quick response time
Any vehicle make or model

One-Stop Towing

Rely on us for all your towing requirements, from cars to heavy-duty vehicles; we do it all.

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