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We Carry Your Heavy Loads Safely: Heavy Duty Towing in Airdrie

When you need heavy vehicle towing services, it is advisable to seek a reliable company that uses quality equipment and has expert towing operators to ensure that the vehicle is towed safely. Constable Towing is your trusted choice for heavy-duty towing in Airdrie. Don't hesitate to call our team any time for any help; we are here 24/7.


We offer the quickest possible response to heavy vehicle towing and carefully get you to your desired destination. Our experts have the extensive knowledge and experience to work with vehicles and rigs of all sizes. No matter the size and weight of your vehicle, we ensure a damage-free service with an affordable budget. We offer complete heavy duty towing services for:

Large Trucks

At Constable's Towing, we have a large fleet of towing vehicles capable of handling large truck towing and recovery situations. Our experienced operators can recover your disabled vehicle fast and securely. 


Give us a call anytime, and our service team will be there to help you with your heavy vehicle. We use high-quality, durable equipment to carry your heavy loads safely and take them to your desired destination.

Large Containers Tows - Sea Can or Storage

We undertake secure towing of large containers to take away the burden from your shoulders, of safely relocating your sea can or storage. Our trained personnel will transport your shipping containers using our tow trucks to their new destination, and unload the containers. At Constable’s Towing, we make it our business to ensure you are completely satisfied with the placement of your storage.


You need to rely on experts to tow your trailers. Our professional fleet members are well trained to handle trailer towing and recovery. We always offer quality performance, 24/7 availability, reliable equipment, seasoned staff and excellent customer service.


When it comes to trailer towing service, our operators are highly skilled and certified to perform such precise works. So, when you hire us for your heavy vehicle, get ready for the most reliable and friendly towing service.

Why Choose Constable’s Towing?

We treat your vehicle as our own and handle it with utmost care. So when it comes to towing services, Constable's Towing is your best call as we offer:

Competitive Advantages

24-hour service
Locally owned and operated
Competitive pricing – No hidden or surprise fees
Fully insured and licensed
Quick response time
Any vehicle make or model

Heavy Movers

Our team of operators is experienced and skilled at towing heavy-duty vehicles safely to your satisfaction.

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