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Fast and Reliable Solution: Tilt & Flat Deck Towing in Airdrie

Are you worried about the safe movement of your automobile? At Constable's Towing, we provide tilt & flat deck towing in Airdrie to move your broken down vehicle to wherever you want. It is a very safe way of moving automobiles, equipment, and other objects from one place to another. No matter the size of your damaged car or truck, we provide a completely safe, affordable, and reliable tilt & flat deck service.


Our flatbed tow trucks are designed to bring you peace of mind. We can transport various types of vehicles, equipment, and machinery safely. The trucks are highly flexible and can be used to quickly load and unload your prized possessions safely. Call us today to know more about what we offer.

Equipment Towing

Our equipment towing services are ideal for you if you want to move or relocate various types of small, medium, and heavy construction equipment, machinery, sheds and much more. We offer our flatbed trucks for the transportation of equipment of all sizes and weights, including large construction vehicles, industrial construction equipment, big rigs, or large commercial trucks or trailers.


At Constable's Towing, our experienced tow truck operators are focused on fast and safe towing. We also provide semi-trailer loading pick and drop services for loading or unloading vehicles, equipment or supplies, and semi-trailers.

Classic Car and Hot Rod and Restored Car Project

We care about your prized possessions, and we understand that it is difficult to trust someone when it comes to your antiques or exotic vehicles. So it is essential to connect with licensed professionals to ensure the safety of your precious objects.


At Constable's Towing, we make sure to give you the much-desired peace of mind with safe services from our experienced operators. We provide antique towing services with our flatbed tow truck to ensure your vehicle reaches your destination of choice completely unscratched, unharmed and in pristine condition.

Motorcycle Towing

A sudden breakdown of your motorcycle in the middle of the road can make you feel helpless. It is a fragile vehicle and so requires a different towing process. With no assistance at your hand, we can take your motorcycle back in a safe manner.


Constable's Towing uses a state-of-the-art, heavy-duty transport system and soft-straps to provide a damage-free towing solution for your motorcycle. We provide motorcycle towing services for bikes of all makes and models, from Harley Davidson to BMW, and much more.

Why Choose Constable’s Towing?

We believe in providing complete customer satisfaction. We have the required experience and skills to ensure high-quality services. You can rely on us for:

Competitive Advantages

24-hour service
Locally owned and operated
Competitive pricing – No hidden or surprise fees
Fully insured and licensed
Quick response time
Any vehicle make or model
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Handling Your Vehicle With Care

We have experience and expertise in handling all types of vehicles and towing them safely to your desired destination.

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